Nitrogen Solutions

Integrity Specialists International, Inc. has a specialized team of professionals dedicated to process and pipeline nitrogen applications.  Our Team will put together the safest, most cost effective and timely solution for any size project.  Our successful track record has proven we can safely provide services from inert purging with nitrogen to pressure testing up to 15,000psi with compressed air or nitrogen.

Solutions offered:

  • Inert Purging
  • Pneumatic Integrity (Pressure) Testing
  • Leak Detection (nitrogen helium or “soapy bubble”)
  • Pipeline Dewatering and Drying
  • Product Displacement/Transfer
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Pipeline / Piping Packing and Commissioning
  • Gas Lift
  • Blanket/Motive Gas
  • Downhole Injection
  • Completion Tubing Joint Testing
  • Submergible Tightness Testing
  • Project Procedure Writing and Review
  • HAZOP Analysis