Flange Management and Bolting Solutions

During construction, integrity testing, start-up and daily operations of a facility or pipeline, “leak free” systems are important for a safe operation.  Our Team will put together the safest, most cost effective and timely solution that can be trusted for any size project as we know how important flange integrity is to an operation.

Solutions offered:

  • Calibrated Hydraulic Bolting
  • Calibrated Tensioning
  • Ultrasonic Bolt Load Monitoring
  • Pre and Post Hydrostatic Testing Preparation
  • Leak Detection Testing Preparation and Repair
  • Hot Bolting
  • Torque Verification
  • Stud and Nut Inspection
  • Flange Management Package Development
  • Gasket Inspection and Replacement
  • Unique Tagging and Tracking Procedures & Process
  • Project Procedure Writing and Review
  • HAZOP Analysis
  • Failure Analysis